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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Blankets made with LOVE!!!

Here I am reading, Where the Wild Things Are, all cuddled up in my beautiful yellow blanket from my Nana, AKA, Nana Nancy Suddarth.

And this one is from my Memphis Grandma, Grandma Sue, AKA Grandma Sue Roberts. The outfit is from her as well. Mommy says that I look terrific in purple!

And this yummy blanky was made with love by Mrs. Mollie Parris. I wonder if Teagle Beagle helped? Please notice the gorgeous stitching around the edges? -- Check in soon to see more . . . I got too tired to finish taking all the pictures last night. Lots of people love me and made me wonderful blankets!!! And I love all of them (the people and the blankets) bunches and bunches!!!


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